National Awards
These awards welcome nominees from across England. 

1. Best Newcomer (Open Since April 2016)
This category is limited to any venues open since April 2016 and aims to reward that classic Italian entrepreneur spirit!

2. Best Fresh Pasta Supermarket Range
This category is for all fresh pasta ranges sold specifically for home use. Supermarkets are welcome to submit multiple ranges for voting.

3. Best National Operator – sponsored by Italian Aroma
For national businesses with venues across cities in England. The winner will show an exemplary level of service across their multiple units.

4. Best Pizza – sponsored by New Concept
Be it a Neapolitan margherita or a fusion creation we’re looking for the best England has to offer! All finalists for this category will be required to attend to a live cook-off in September 2017. Date and location TBC.

5. Best Pasta – sponsored by Surgital 
A chance to celebrate Nonna’s secret recipe! Best pasta will be judged on a single dish, so prepare to dazzle our judges with your signature pasta. All finalists for this category must attend a live cook-off at the Cheshire Cookery School (Altrincham) on Wednesday 27th September to be considered for the award.

6. English Italian Chef Of The Year – sponsored by Joe Delucci Ice Cream
This winner of this prestigious award will be able to create authentic Italian dishes that transport the eater directly to the Italian homeland! All finalists for this category must attend a live cook-off at the Cheshire Cookery School (Altrincham) on Wednesday 27th September to be considered for the award.

7. Healthy Dish Of The Year – sponsored by Sacla Italia
Sponsored by Saclà Italia. This special award will look at a restaurant’s dedication to healthy eating in Italian cuisine. Restaurants should nominate a specific dish to be judged.

8. Best Gelateria
This category will award both truly unique flavours as well as classic creamy recipes all in the typical Italian gelateria setting.

9. Best Chip Shop
Rewarding the merger of classic Italian spirit with English cuisine, this category honours those businesses that were pioneered by Italians.

10. Best Italian Business
Open to all kinds of businesses led with an Italian spirit!
11. Best Team
For that team that really goes the extra mile and work together like no other.

12. Best Restaurant
This award is for that restaurant that offers a truly exemplary dining experience for Italian food-fanatics in England!

13. Best Family Friendly Restaurant
This award aims to highlight (and thank!) the most family friendly eatery in England.

14. Best Deli/Café 
We’re looking for the best takeaway or sit in delicatessen delights; selling everything from the perfect panini and sweet treats to gorgeous deli cuts and original Italian produce.


Special Awards
15. Lifetime Achievement Award
This award will be rewarded to an individual for their lifelong dedication to English Italian cuisine. This is a non-voting category.

16. People’s Choice Award
This award will go to the restaurant that receives the greatest number of public votes across the competition! There are no published finalists for this award and the winner will be announced at the Gala Final!