The Marco Simoncelli Foundation O.n.l.u.s is a non-profit social welfare organization: its goals are exclusively humanitarian and ethic, and it has been founded by Marco’s family in order to honour his memory forever. Keeping alive the social commitment and attention towards the community that SuperSic has always added to his rider’s career. The Foundation supports and promotes projects of solidarity and cooperation for disadvantaged people and directly intervening, when necessary, towards situations of uneasiness and need.

Fundamental values of the Foundation and its national and international representative are the moral qualities of which Marco Simoncelli has been a constant example:

  • his moral integrity in every aspect of the public and private life
  • his loyalty and honesty in sporting competition;
  • his ideals of fraternity and help toward the weakest;
  • family as cornerstone of the society;
  • the respect to every culture and identity.


The mission of the Foundation is to continue the activity begun by Marco to promote development, autonomy, children’s rights, young people’s formation and the intervention in favour of disadvantaged social enduring brackets. Keeping alive the social commitment and attention towards the weakest that SuperSic has always added to his rider’s career.

The Foundation has the intention to strengthen the moral and humanitarian meaning of Marco’s loyalty, to put to use every effort to make the world of the sport, national and international, aware on the necessity and the moral duty to help people in poverty, encouraging the active responsibility of sportsmen, their associations, corporations and representative organizations.

The Foundation also intends to actively collaborate with all the initiatives promoted by corporations, public and private Institutions, sports clubs, voluntary associations to reach these goals in Marco Simoncelli’s memory:

  • schooling of children and the formation of young people, to facilitate their social and professional placement, respect of human rights and dignity, the promotion of a social model characterized by parity and equal prospects and opportunity;
  • activities finalized to guarantee the right to health and sanitary welfare, particularly for children, mothers and of disadvantaged persons;
  • actions in favour of economic and productive development in underdeveloped countries, operating both in urban and rural contexts, in the perspective of a more ample autonomy of local realities and the general improvement of quality of life;
  • the removal of the causes that determine social injustice and discrimination, favouring the growth of participation and inclusion processes;
  • every other action aimed to reduce and eliminate conditions of social disadvantage of not adequately protected weak categories ;
  • the initiatives for the affirmation of values of morality, loyalty, mutual respect in sport competition as in every aspect of social life, with particular intent to make young generations aware and to educate to avoid risks due to deviant individual and collective behaviours .