pin-badgeENABLE Scotland are delighted to have been chosen as the charity beneficiary of The Scottish Italian Awards 2014, in this very special year.

In 1954, 10 parents met to form an organisation to support parents with children in Scotland who had learning disabilities. 60 years later, in 2014, that organisation, now known as ENABLE Scotland, is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary. The past 60 years have seen a great deal of positive change. People with learning disabilities no longer spend their lives hidden away in institutions, excluded from their communities. Many live independent lives. But many people who have learning disabilities and their families still face difficulties and challenges, which individuals and families, often with our help, have to tackle.

  • Sixty years on 93% of children with a learning disability are bullied and one in four children with a learning disability are physically assaulted
  • Sixty years on only 1/3 of people with learning disabilities are able to name at least 1 close friend.
  • Sixty years on over 75% of people with learning disabilities are not in employment or training for employment.

So while so much has improved our work is as relevant now as it was 60 years ago. ENABLE Scotland provides much needed and innovative support in every part of the country – through early intervention, family based respite, supported living, education schemes, work experience and support for employers.  We help people every step of the way including through difficult times of transition.

Your support helps raise income for and the profile of such a tremendous charity.  A Charity that works tirelessly to support people who have learning disabilities living and working throughout Scotland.